Metrik Speaks To Bobby Tank


Each Bobby Tank track is like a work of art; masterfully blending emotive jazz chords and virtuoso synth leads with powerful, intricate rhythms. When I was considering remixes for We Got It, I instantly knew he was the right choice. LIFE/THRILLS was all about combining jazz / funk / 80’s themes with futuristic synths - it was essential that I got Bobby involved. I was blown away by how well he reinterpreted the song. Read on to find out more with this exclusive interview with the man himself…

please introduce yourself…

Bobby Tank, though my real name is Neil Taank. Bobby is just a nick name.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun in the studio working on this remix. Talk us through the process...

I sure did and as you are already aware, I've been a fan of yours for quite sometime so was more than honoured when you kindly asked me to be a part of the remix project. 

It all depends on the original compositions so my process can vary. I approached this particular remix by extracting that beautiful piano sequence in the intro of the original, emulating it and then pretty much work round that melody. Everything else just seemed to follow and fall into place. 

Your tunes sound like the culmination of some very interesting influences. Tell us about these influences and how they shaped your unique production style.


I inherited a love for soul, jazz pop/funk, rock at a very early age from listening to whatever my mother had blasting out the system when I was kid. MJ, Prince, Genesis, Aretha Franklin, Kool & the Gang, Madonna (just to name a few) were the sounds that consumed my household whilst growing up so I naturally gravitated towards gaining a great appreciation for funky upbeat melodic music. As I grew older I started listening to jungle, metal, hip hop etc and around 2006 I started to steer towards electronic music. 

Your virtuosic style suggests an accomplished musical ability. Can you tell us about your musical background and your journey to becoming a successful producer? 

I picked up my first instrument at age seven and have progressed from there really. Experimenting in various bands. Learning an array of instruments and understanding composition helped me cope with foundations of what I’m making today. It wasn’t until late 2010 I actually started making music on my own under the alias Bobby Tank. 

Travelling the globe as a performer you must get the opportunity to see some interesting sights. What is your favourite city? Can you share any experiences?

Over the years I've been extremely fortunate to visit/experience so many different cities and cultures off the back of my crazy music! Japan stands out for me the most as its purely in a league of its own and they thoroughly understand what I do. Played alongside a good friend of mine that goes by the stage name Brokenhaze back in 2014 and was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Their hospitality is second to none and they really made me feel like I was on the right musical path for all those years.

Are you a fan of drum & bass? What are your favourite tracks?

Went through a phase of exclusively listening to jungle music for a couple years when I was a kid. DJ Krome & Mr Time 'The License' blew my mind and still does to this day. 

What are your thoughts on the current state of electronic music?

I feel the experimental aspect of composition with electronica has dissipated over these past couple of years, there is no real sense of individuality anymore. Nearly every promo I come into contact with with sounds like one producer chucking out recycled loops. Don't get me wrong though, there's a sea of unbelievable music out there, we just need to desensitise from these generic trends and really open up our ears and minds. 

What would be your dream collaboration?

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis... I'd be too shook though. 

Any tips for aspiring musicians?

Fuck what everyone else is doing and just do YOU.

Thank you for your time Bobby! It’s been a pleasure working with you on this release. Do you have any final words?

Big love Tom and beers on you next time we link 😉

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